Baker Place

Baker Place Condominium Homeowners Association is ideally located on Baker Lane between W. Peckham and Redfield Parkway in Reno, NV  89509.

The Association consists of 38 Units that were built in 1978.  The Association Assessments for 2015 are $195.00 per month and due on the first of each month.

The Monthly Assessment covers building roofs, exterior siding, exterior painting, driveways, concrete walks, signage, landscape maintenance, common area lighting, and snow removal.

The monthly Assessments do not cover, sewer, electricity, gas, water for units, trash, cable, or property taxes.

There is a $100.00 Buy In Fee payable to Baker Place and a $250.00 New Account Set Up Fee payable to Kenyon & Associates, Inc. at the time of each resale.

The Board of Directors meets six times per year (every other month) to conduct the business of the Association.  There are five Board Members.

For 2015 the Board of Directors are:

Eileen Puterski - President

Kathlee O' Connell - Vice President

Ann Chapman - Treasurer

Ann Grinsell - Secretary

Be advised that only one Satellite Dish per Unit may be installed which cannot be larger than 18".  Dishes must be professionally installed in one of three locations.  1.  On the back patio fence within the confines of the patio.  2.  Place on a protable stand withing the patio. or 3. On the roof secured to a non-penetrating ballast roof mount and a protective barrier pad.  Mounting hardware may not penetrate any roof surface, building surface, carport or flashing trim.

If you have any questions regarding the Baker Place Community, please contact Gary Kenyon, Community Association Manager at 775-674-8000 ext. 205 or via email at



Baker Place
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