Franktown Pines

Franktown Pines Association, Inc. is located at Franktown Court in Washoe Valley, Nevada 89704 and is comprised of six (6) custom built home lots in a gated community.  The Association was organized in 2001. 

The Assessments are $280.00 payable quarterly due the 1st day of each quarter.

The Buy In Fee is $300.00 which is payable to Franktown Pines Association, Inc. and the New Account Set Up Fee is $250.00 payable to Kenyon & Associates, Inc. for any resale.

The Board of Directors is comprised of three (3) homeowners and they meet once per year to conduct the business of the Association.

For 2016 the Board of Directors are:

Ron Burdg - President

Jeri Burdg - Treasurer

Dorothy Ramsdell - Secretary

There are Design Guidelines which must be followed when improving on a lot and must be approved by the Architectural and Landscape Control Committee prior to commencement of any improvement on the lot.   Improvements include, but are not limited to:  outbuilding, patio, residence, tennis court, pool, garage, shed, doghouse, aerial, antenna, road, driveway, parking area, walk, fence, screening wall, retaining wall, stair, deck, landscaping, court, gate, statue, marker, hedge, windbreak, planting, pole, sign, exterior air conditioning, water softner fixture or equipement, pump, well, ditch, or cupola.

Before any construction activity begins, the following shall be submitted to the Architectural and Landscape Control Committee:

1.  Two sets of complete construction plans, prepared and signed by a registered architect;

2.  Two sets of prints or drawings showing external color scheme, and

3.  Two copies of plat plans showing building location with respect to parcel boundries.

Gary Kenyon is the Community Manager for Franktown Pines Association, Inc.  he may be contacted with any questions or concerns at 775-674-8000 x 205 or via email at  If you wish to order a resale package please go to:

Franktown Pines
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