Managed Homeowners Associations by Kenyon

Kenyon & Associates is a professional homeowners association management company with (24) HOA or COA under management in the Reno and Northern Nevada area. We proudly offer the following HOA services for our associations and board of directors.  Please call us with any questions at (775) 674-8000.

HOA Administrative Management

Managing Information Through Professional Members

Attendance at Board of Director meetings and Annual meetings

Monitoring of local/national laws and advice on pertinent legislative issues

Obtaining competitive bids for services as requested by Board of Directors

Selection of insurance providers and policies with Board approval

Marketing support for association activities and communication

Board Packet

Assistance with legal matters

Seminars/workshops for Board members

Committed support to Board of Directors

Supervision of contractors hired by the association

Assistance with incoming/outgoing correspondence

HOA Fiscal Management

Kenyon & Associates Maintains all Financial Records

Assistance in preparation of the annual budget

Disbursal of funds as directed by the Board of Directors

Preparation of monthly Income/Expense statements and Balance Sheet

Maintenance of a separate account for each homeowner

Receipt, review and processing of invoices for payment by association

Coordination with auditor to finalize year-end audit, tax returns

Processing and handling of delinquencies

Corporation filings with the State

Report generation

Direct Debit

Prompt handling of all homeowner inquiries

Assessment collection and bank deposits

Physical Property Management

We'll help with contractors, CC&Rs, & More

 Emergency site visits to ensure contractor performance

Assistance in enforcement of community association covenants, conditions, and restrictions

Liaise with city/state/county authorities as needed (police, fire, claims adjusters, etc.)

Supervision of contractors

ARC and CC&R tracking

Frequent review of community

Full reporting to Board of Directors